Our Services

At Sun-Pacific Equipments, we also provide a comprehensive list of services, from the basics to the more technical.
Here are a few of the things we can do for you and your machines. And if you’re looking for something that we haven’t mentioned, just give us a call , and if we can do it, we will.

Servicing and Maintenance Support

The lifeblood of construction is found in its equipment. As vital as they are, we at Sun-Pacific recognize and understand the need to keep such pieces of equipment functioning at peak condition. Our one-stop service centre for cranes and hooklifts provides care for your equipment, from general maintenance to ‘check-ups’ to make sure that everything’s running smoothly.

We have proficiency, knowledge and familiarity in a variety of brands and makes of hydraulic equipment.

From repairs to maintenance, breakdowns to servicing, we handle it all, and we do it with unrivalled professionalism and efficiency.

Design & Customization Consultancy
and Service

Looking to give your machines an upgrade? Maybe there’s something you want to modify, or there’s a part or two that needs a change. Sun-Pacific can help you out.

Our team of engineers and specialists are on standby to help you with your problems. If there’s an aftermarket part you need fitted, or even if you’re just looking for a solution to an issue you have, our consultancy service will be glad to work through and give you options. And from there, it’s straight to the workshops to put those solutions to work.

Providing assistance from start to end, if there’s any customizations you require, Sun-Pacific can help you out with friendly service and expert knowhow.