Installation of FASSI Stability Control System (FSC) at Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte Ltd

In 2020, six government agencies, including the Housing and Development Board, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Education, and the National Environment Agency, committed to adopting tender requirements for new and existing lorry cranes to be fitted with a Stability Control System (SCS), should they wish to gain access to government worksites.

As announced by the Ministry of Manpower at the end of March 2023, Lorry crane owners can use the lorry crane Stability Control System Grant (SCSG) to purchase SCS that monitors the position of the lorry crane’s stabilisers and automatically adjusts the rated capacity limiter. This ensures the lorry crane only lift loads that are within its stability limits and do not overturn.

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Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte Ltd, is an authorized agent recognized by the Ministry of Manpower.

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The FASSI Stability Control system automatically limits crane operation in the event that all conditions needed to ensure its stability are not satisfied: extension of the lateral supports and positioning of the outrigger rams.