Board of Directors

Managing Director

Mr Steven Lee

Executive Director

Mr Thomas Chew


Mr Sam Lim


Mr Kelvin Lee

Our Story / Timeline


The Beginning

The company is incorporated under the name Sun-Pacific Investments Pte Ltd.

Sole Regional Distributor of FASSI

Sun-Pacific Investments Pte Ltd is appointed as the SOLE REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR of FASSI Cranes & related products for the ASEAN market.

Public Listing

62% of company shares are sold to Twinwood Engineering Pte Ltd. Subsequently, Twinwood Engineering Pte Ltd is listed on the second board of the Singapore Stock Exchange at the end of the year.

Sun-Pacific Equipments

10 years later, our name is changed to Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte Ltd in order to better reflect our core business and direction of equipment trading.

A New Factory

Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte Ltd reacquires all 62% of shares formerly sold to Twinwood Engineering Pte Ltd. Along with this, the company’s current factory building was purchased.

Regional Distributor of B.O.B

Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte Ltd is appointed as the REGIONAL DISTRUBUTOR of B.O.B. SISTEMI IDRAULICI S.p.A. hooklifts.

Palm Oil Plantations

With cooperation from FASSI, Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte designs and develops palm oil plantation handling equipment for a major plantation owner situated in Indonesia.